About Nina Savarese

Yoga is a lifetime journey of self-discovery, a continual unfolding of subtle layers of being that lead to new awakenings, some beautiful, some more challenging, but each experience leads to a deeper understanding of our relationship with ourselves, others and our surroundings.

For me, a world without Yoga would be like a solar system without the sun. I am eternally grateful to its ancient teachings and I wholeheartedly embrace my role as teacher and love nothing more than to impart the wisdom of Yoga to others through the weekly classes I teach in and around Hastings and St. Leonards.

Over my 14 years of teaching yoga I have never forgotten how it feels to be a beginner yogi and am always mindful during class not to use over complicated language, rather I prefer to explain how the body should feel, and how to get the best overall mind body experience for each individual when on the yoga mat.

As well as a solid foundation in the teachings of Sivananda Yoga, undertaken in 2007 in India, I have trained in Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Claire Missingham, qualified as a teacher of Meditation with Swami Saradananda. I am an experienced Yoga Therapist, having studied with Elena Voyce in London in 2011.

My inspiration also comes from the teachings of Paul Grilly, Yin Guru, Jason Crandell and Stephanie Snyder, both leading Vinyasa flow teachers.

About Nina Savarese

I love to vary my own practice, and my classes, sometimes working up to a peak pose, or focussing on a particular body part, sometimes working dynamically to get the energy flowing, and other times working restoratively and deeply to harness more energy.

I am not a yoga teacher from a dance background and therefore have an empathetic understanding of how it feels to have a body that comes with all the usual problems.


The flexibility and strength I have achieved over the years has come through a dedicated yoga practice and deep patience.

Part of my personal journey has been one of managing spinal defects – scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis, and is one that needs constant attention and will require a lifetime of maintenance.


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