2 New Workshop Offerings for 2022. 

Your Gut, Your Yoga – 15th May & 12th June
Wellington Natural Health Centre

Midsummer Retreat – Sunday 19th June 
Pett Village Hall 


Your Gut, Your Yoga

Sunday  15th May and Sunday 12th June, 2022

Wellington Natural Health Centre

Do you suffer from constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion, inflammation or pain in your gut?

This course promises to be an informative, therapeutic and compassionate two mornings that will cover the gut‘s role in our health, the gut as our second brain, gut health and the link to disease, Yoga and the digestive system, and how stress can affect your gut, and your immune system.

We will be moving through specially designed therapeutic yoga sequencing to soften, align strengthen, stretch and yeild around the digestive system. The focus will also be on postural alignment to expand and make space for the digestive organs, and the balancing of the Vegus nerve through breath and emotional reconnection.

Session 1 on 15th May will cover:

IBS and Diarrhoea, Infammotary Bowel disease inc. ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease.

Session 2 on 12th June will cover:

Constipation, diverticulitis, bloating and indigestion.

This course is taking place in the beautiful and well-equipped yoga room at The Wellington Natural Health Centre in Hastings and restricted to 9 persons only to allow for individual attention.

£70 for the 2 mornings 10am-12.30pm

44 Wellington Square TN34 1PN

To book contact Nina direct


Midsummer Retreat

Sunday  19th June

Pett Village Hall

I am excited to be leading this nourishing extended morning retreat at Pett Village Hall. We will begin with a fully dimensional yoga practice. This will include a deeply healing vinyasa flow with an emphasis on safe transitional movements and modifications to suit all abilities. For this special retreat I will be accompanied by Haydn Cornner, musician and crystal sound healer. 

The practice uses the Three Gunas: Sattva (goodness, calmness, purity), Raja’s (passion, activity, movement) and Tapas (ignorance, inertia, heaviness) as a foundation for the thematic focus of our practice.

Then we have a break where you are given a complimentary alkalising juice made by myself and your own complimentary cooling refreshing spray so you can freshen up.

After we will take a walk into the woods to do some nourishing ‘forest bathing’ and you will be lead in a group meditation. The morning will finish with a healing crystal sound bath, or more appropriately, a sound jacuzzi with Quartz singing bowls and gentle healing frequencies, leaving you energised, beamish and effervescent.

Pett Village Hall has the most idyllic setting with meadows overlooking the beautiful Guestling Woods. Just 5 minutes drive from Hastings

£40 10:00am-1:00pm

Pett Road TN35 4HD

To book contact Nina directly:  ninamyoga@icloud.com

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