Yoga, Aromatherapy and Sound Bath



Saturday 16th October,  2021
10:00am- 1:00pm



An immersive and sensory experience centred around opening up the throat charkra enabling us to invite in love, inner peace and freedom of expression and truth.

I will be partnering with Aromatherapist Pruskeh Wilbraham and International Musician and Sound Therapist Teena Lyle to offer you a fully dimensional 3-hour workshop involving some beautiful yoga sequencing pertaining to the neck, shoulders, throat, mouth and ears, designed to get the Udana Vayu flowing. This is the upward flow of energy that flows through the throat, face and crown of head and is the gateway to us reaching our highest potential. Psychoenergetically this is the 5th Chakra and is ruled by vibration, sound, communication, purification and creativity.

Expect to move your body and to be still, to sing your heart out and chant, to listen and to sit. Exercises for the mouth, tongue and jaw will be included in our practice.


Included in the workshop myself and Pruskeh will take you through some sumptuous self-massage for your face, neck and shoulders. Then to conclude Teena Lyle will lead you in an immersive healing sound bath with her impressive collection of antique Tibetan instruments collected from all over the world during her tours. 

Our aim is to leave you free from emotional blockages while gaining deeper state of clarity and joy, and bringing deep nourishment into the very centre of the soul.

Join us on this blissful journey into the throat chakra!

To be held at the beautiful Pett Village Hall with views to meadows and the wood beyond.

£40 per person. £15 to all teenagers. Bring them if you have one!
Each person will receive their own pot of massage balm, a crystal, and prasad (a sweet offering eaten after practice).

Pre-booking essential. Tickets can be bought in person at all of Nina’s Classes also.

Tickets on sale now:

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